Screen Shot
take a ss of that mang!
by PSH November 01, 2003
The german letter es'tzet (S'Z), pronounced ss. To wordprocess this letter you can hold 'Alt' and press '225' on the number pad on the right of the keyboard. It does not have a capital form and it is only used at the end of a word or the stem of a verb. All nouns in German must start with a capital letter.
Spaß - Fun
Weiß - White
Heiß - Hot
Schloß - Castle
Ich heiße Klaus - I am called Klaus.
by Robbie October 06, 2004
An elite quasi-military unit of the Nazi party that served as Hitler's personal guard and as a special security force in Germany and the occupied countries.
by Dwynn November 06, 2003
Super Sexual
Jamie: Did you get new heels girl?

Carly: Yea, I'm going on a date with a B.J.B.M. tonight!

Jamie: OMG you look SS you are so getting laid.
by cfunkadelic November 16, 2010
SS means missing, or MIA,mainly used in MOBA or RTS games to signify that an enemy is missing from an area it was previously spotted.
Bottom lane is ss!
Bottom lane is missing!
by Jurystar1510 June 11, 2014
Stealth Sex
1. My boyfriend and I are mutually ashamed of eachother so we can only have SS.

2. I don't believe in family values and since I live with my parents I am forced to have SS.
by popcorn104 October 22, 2011
Scrotum Sucking Slut
Geeze that dirty S.S.S is pissing me off
by Hotboganslut September 01, 2008

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