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Simply a term for "Sandy Vagina." Invented by Cartman in South Park during the "curse word" episode. A term to described something in a really bad mood.
Cartman- Woooooooo that thing has one huge SV!
by ShonkaMan March 20, 2006
ugly monster. name for an ugly monster whos retarded.
dang, did you see that kid at the store, thats an s.v!
by jhs, January 22, 2008
Short for sandy vagina. Meaning that someone is pissed off. It's a term from the cartoon South Park on Comedy Central.
"Ohhhh, someone has s.v because so and so broke up with her."

by Jazzysiren July 03, 2006
A girl who acts like she wants to have sex and acts really sluty but, wants to wait for marriage, a real blue baller
Derek: "Man i'm so horny right now"
Justin: "I though Molly took care of that ?"

Derek: "No she has a severe case of s.v.s."
Justin "Dam dude that blow's lol, too bad she wont."
by Josh_67 May 31, 2007
A semi retarded jackass who spends most of his time talking about his former employer. He has been known to "narc" out his fellow co-workers to cover his own incompetentcy. He is an expert in bullshit and interrupting conversations.
SV broke into our conversation to tell us about his ugly ass wife.
by gixxerman December 22, 2004
Initials- Stinky Vagina
Wow, that girl has the smelliest vagina ever, what an SV. She should be on that show Law and Order SVU, the U would be for USE SOME SOAP, BITCH!
by DSL-dikkksukkinlipzz February 23, 2012
A semi retarded jackass who finds himself to lazy to type server instead of SV. Ussualy this word is used by kids, who try to look smart.
OMG I am gonna crash your SV
by Destroyer4 October 22, 2008
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