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IBCD (indian born confused desi) a super nice and weird person that we all love(:
boy: awesome! this is the best gift ever! thanks for bring such a great sravya!

IBCD: awww your welcome(:
#ibcd #srabya #srvya #indian #desi #confused #girl #born #nice girl
by thee beasstt! June 22, 2010
An ABCD (american-born confused desi) girl.

An indian-american girl who thinks she is white and uses phrases like "ohh my gawd", "no way", "shut upp", "fuck youu", "you kno whatt? go fuck yourself!" and often tries (but fails) to be black.
"You damn Patel, stop being a sravya and get those blonde highlights out of your hair."
#white #white girl #abcd #american-born confused desi #vanilla
by thedpness June 18, 2009
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