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An exclamation of pure excitement and hyperactivity.
"Oh, SQWEEE!!!"
by Jenn March 05, 2003
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(exclamation) term used when one is feeling a overjoyed state of happyness
Chris:oh sqwee the fat man down by the lubracant station just fell!
Jesse: how sqwee!
Byan Brown: sqwee!
by Carswell October 26, 2007
hot chick
Sqwee of
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
The combination of squits diarrhea and wee ie clearish water shooting out of one's anus as a result of a stomach bug/intestinal disorder
Sorry I can't come out tonight I have a bad case of sqwee
by jimjam74 March 03, 2010
A beautiful, talented little sexpot in who is quite possibly my biggest hero. She is amazing, and you scum should bow before her mighty glory and boobies. Mmmm, sqweebewbs.
"Sqwee have me a cookie and some fist-play last night when I came home sad cuz I broke up with my boyfriend."
by Phoebchen March 08, 2004
A word that once linked 2 friends but now means nothing. Now it is a word that when said, expresses pure ahte for Jenna.
SQWEE! I hate Jenna so sqweeing much!
by Patti July 11, 2003
Sound made when tring to make your friend pee in their pants.
by Patti! March 05, 2003

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