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a nut, a mentally disturbed person
your neighbors are totally squirrel bait
by boomer2 July 28, 2003
1) woman who are fucking nuts!

2) an attractive woman who happens to be nuts / crazy
Karl: "Man, that bitch is super hot, I'm going for it"

DR. Fishstick: "Karl, not only is she squirrel bait, she is spilt milk." "You need to quit drinking!"

Karl: "Squirrel bait?"

Dr. Fishstick: "Ya, Dude she's fucking nuts!"
by cheese4green September 20, 2011
1) a squirrel placed on the end of a fishing rod
2) Budic
Squirrelbait threw a brick through a windshield
by jfdsajkfd December 27, 2007
Extreme right-wingers in the Republican Party.
Squirrel-Bait will never be persuaded to alter their views, regardless of the facts.
by tdp311 September 22, 2012
testicles, nuts, balls
"Chase has some huge squirrel bait" says Kelsey S. the school whore
by ydoucare December 01, 2004
Squirrel Bait: Sinilar to dingleberries, tag nuts, clingons etc but can be used specifically to feed small woodland critters.
Aw man it was a wars zone in there. Luckily I salvaged some Squirrel Bait so I can take a little walk through the woods.
by Goatybastard December 31, 2015
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