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A big hairy bush, most notable when a woman wears a swim suit at the pool or beach.
Kim really needs to shave, that squirrel's nest is so out of control, everybody is looking.
by Monte Pace April 26, 2008
The part between your balls and butthole. Also none as a gooch, but its called a squirrel's nest when it is hairy.
My "Squirrel's Nest" is getting to hairy, I need to shave.
by The Burglest Burglar December 27, 2011
A hotbead for or gathering of many young girls with tasy little asses.
This kegger is a fukkin' Squirrel's nest, bud!
by Real Walsh May 01, 2007
To perform a Squirrel's Nest:
1. Get really drunk
2. Find a chick to nail
3. Throw up on her chest while you're doin ' 'er.
4. Celebrate, 'cause you just performed the Squirrel's Nest
I gave that chick a huge Squirrel's Nest after a long night of drinking Guinness. IT was rowdy.
by John Kruk Allstar March 29, 2005
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