A game where guys wrestle and try to get the opponents nuts.
I bet I can beat you at a game of "squirrel"
by slvrsqrl August 02, 2004
A girl who thinks sucking lots of dick will make her more popular. Generally tends to be abit over-weight or chubby.
Bob: Yeah, she swallowed mine!
Larry: You and the rest of the school, man. She's just a damned squirrel.
by criticaloversite January 12, 2004
Fuzzy little rodent that enjoy nuts and world domination
they will come and they will win unless we call the exterminater
by mitch July 24, 2003
A small vermin that lays the nutty brown. Abreviation of squirrel shit which is generally used in the same manner as shit but can be applied wherever really, i.e. films
"Couldnt give a squirrel"
Theres something about squirrel
Mortal Squirrel
The league of extroadinary squirrels
Any given squirrel
by The Foulsh September 02, 2005
To "squirrel" someone is to:
1 - Find a dead squirrel on the road, or where ever.
2 - Pick a friend as a target. (hopefully a girl)
3 - Leave the squirrel on their front porch, with the eyes looking at the door. Try to prop it up in a life-like manner.
4 - Call the person, pretending to be Animal Control, and tell them that a "Mexican Staring Squirrel" is loose in the area, and that its gaze can be fatal. (use *69 to hide your caller id)
5 - Hang up, and call them back as yourself. Tell them to come to their front yard, you have something to show them.
You have now "squirreled" someone.
(my freind Marc is to thank for the creation of this verb.)
Person 1: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!
Person 2: HAHAHAHA!!! You got squirrled!!!
Person 1: Jack-ass.
by Whind Soull February 02, 2005
An unfortunate derogatory term applied to the elderly suffering from the later stages of such diseases as Alzheimers. It refers to the fact that they forget how to do simple tasks such as swallow, and so they chew their food and hide it away in their pockets or handbags, much as a squirrel tucks a bit away in their cheek.
The old lady was a squirrel. Pockets full of mashed potatoes, and handbag of creamed corn.
by Ronamo February 26, 2004
A slang term for a vagina.
"While you're over here those cheerleaders are over there, scamming on all your squirrel. But that's okay, cuz you don't have dicks anyway"

-Bring it On! The Movie.
by Seye November 20, 2003

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