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The part between your balls and butthole. Also none as a gooch, but its called a squirrel's nest when it is hairy.
My "Squirrel's Nest" is getting to hairy, I need to shave.
by The Burglest Burglar December 27, 2011
A big hairy bush, most notable when a woman wears a swim suit at the pool or beach.
Kim really needs to shave, that squirrel's nest is so out of control, everybody is looking.
by Monte Pace April 26, 2008
A hotbead for or gathering of many young girls with tasy little asses.
This kegger is a fukkin' Squirrel's nest, bud!
by Real Walsh May 01, 2007
To perform a Squirrel's Nest:
1. Get really drunk
2. Find a chick to nail
3. Throw up on her chest while you're doin ' 'er.
4. Celebrate, 'cause you just performed the Squirrel's Nest
I gave that chick a huge Squirrel's Nest after a long night of drinking Guinness. IT was rowdy.
by John Kruk Allstar March 29, 2005