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Officially registered in 1999 as the "fourth color."
Humans see in red, yellow and blue. Goldfish see in four colors. Squirp being the fourth. Mantis shrimp see in 10 colors. Those additional 6 colors have not been identified officially yet.
by Biofungus July 02, 2011
After hook-up sickness in which your throat gets Flemish/Sore.
"Dude, hooking up with that girl at your party was a horrible idea! I'm pretty sure I have squirps now."
by Mik and Trevv February 11, 2012
To Inhale From A Bong Too Hard Resulting In Profound Coughing
Last Night Nick Was Smoking With Joe And Joe Squirped The Bong Which Left Him Coughing For the Rest Of the Night
by Master Flow September 02, 2008
The sound a penguin makes. It is as simple as that.

As for the history, the word originated from the Latin word "Siquidem." The meaning of this word was believed to have reference to horses put to strenuous work out on the farms. It is suspected that this word was created by means of worker's colloquialism, but was soon recognized as a word of value. Originally, it was a word to express frustration for when a horse would reach its limit and lay to rest in the dirt. This was a costly action for the farmers then had to return to farm in fetch of a stronger horse. A farmer in such position would vent, "Siquidem!" Soon after becoming a commonly used word among all, the meaning, like many words, was changed to show discontent in reference to any of the smallest annoyances. In consideration to a penguin, it is not a secret that when the Couptionises species and the Hornt species mated, none other than the Penguin was created. Both species were famous for their ability of constant annoyance and it brought fear the the penguin, containing traits from both, would be unbearable. Before any real proof of such bothersome ways, it developed the nickname "Squirp" as a shortened version of "Siquidem." Soon discovering the only irritating part about the penguin was its way of communication, this noise was then awarded name of "Squirp" when the animial itself was offically named "Penguin"
Did you hear that penguin squirp!?
by wags1331 August 13, 2010
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