Means to whip or murk.

Look up squipper
Yo i will SQUIP you!
by Squipper March 20, 2004
nonsensical word that can be used as an expletive, placeholder, or verb
I SQUIP!ped your mom.


Uhhhh, SQUIP!
by Samuel Henry March 08, 2004
a brand new car new to you invented by Kimberly Jones
I got my squip today son
#squipping #squip time #squippin' on squippin' #squipped #squep
by brooklynnbrwn May 01, 2009
A pill in your head that makes you cool.
Yo since I got this squip, I've been more chill
by Jeremy Heere March 31, 2004
Squip is a god-sent pill that contains a microchip that tells you how to be cool.

I actually scored within the first week, if you want to learn more read Be More Chill.
I just took squip, and no, I already am having sex with someone, sorry.
by Jack B. May 29, 2004
Used in code to refer to girls, generally of a smokin' (hot) nature
Hey Peanut, you reckon Jill can buy us some T-dog for tonight cause I'm keen to go find some squip's
#sqwip #dames #chicks #babes #broads
by dd slasher January 17, 2008
Look, I'm not going to lie. My friend took it and wrote a book about it, he went nuts basically, but Be More Chill tells the truth.
Dude, squip is a bad mistake.
by Harrison D. May 29, 2004
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