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Something we must stop, I helped develope it in the early 2000's but left because I felt it was wrong. It is a mind controlling drug.
A: Did you get the bugs fixed?
B: Naw, they can deal with it, this squip is gonna make us a lot of money.
by Dr. Morris E. Burrows May 29, 2004
A pill that my boyfriend took before we met, he is so suave. I reccomend it to all girlfriends to give to their nerdy, non sexy boyfriends.
Squip? Oooh, thats sexy.
by Jane E. May 29, 2004
a tiny computer that is swallowed and SOMEHOW lands on your brain to tell you how to be cool. Truth is people... this thing doesn't actually exist. It is all a huge scam to get you to buy a book called be more chill. very convincing though.
Squips are a figment of our imaginations
by snowandskibaby July 12, 2005
A horrible thing that turns young people into sinners!
Mom, I got squipped and have sinned millions of times!
by Lisa D. May 29, 2004