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feeling associated with a tight, stinging need to defecate
She had such a squinchy feeling that she thought she had soiled herself.
by Krista December 14, 2004
Tight, pinched. Usually used to describe a person with small features. Combination of the words squint and pinch.
I like Dustin's squinchy face.
by OhKatieLaughs October 14, 2009
the feeling when your shoes are filled with mud/sand/water, and you walk ...
"Dude, I just got back from the beach and my shoes are ALL squinchy ..."
by Bruce Jung Durden April 17, 2010
describing a state of being characterized by a fleeting but intense emotion of unpleasantness.
"you get all squinchy every time I mention the noodle incident."
by Jaliel January 01, 2008