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Where a girl quims on seaweed then either serves it or eats it
Hey can you make me some Squim?
I love it when you Squim
by cs4440 November 08, 2011
6 11
A mixture of sperm and quim (vaginal juice)
The dry crusty squim was all over my sheets the morning after I fucked Aiden.
by daisy May 25, 2004
64 27
The best feeling in the world - a woman's vaginal juices PLUS a man's ejaculate, combined in the vaginal canal.
Richie enjoyed the squim of him and his partener, as he borrowed his friend Tom's bed for the night.
by Stinkey Vagina Juices September 12, 2009
10 14
A recoil action in response to a shock or sudden movement
Alison squimmed so bad when i clapped in her face yesterday
by Matt Richo May 01, 2007
12 18
The ejaculate that cums out 75 yr old mean on Viagara.
The squim was dripping downside my girl friend's mother's face.
by Devil Dave May 30, 2003
8 43