To destroy something or completely screw someone (people) over.
Dude...I'm gonna squik those Langley morons at their '05 prom this year - and they will never catch me with my uber-prank!
by Barfman September 21, 2004
Top Definition
Something disgusting; nasty TMI.

1) To gross someone out;
2) to kill someone - cyberpunk definition

Variant of squeak.
"Yuck! I don't need to hear the details of your toe fungus problem, George. That's some serious squik!"

"Dude, I'm SO gonna squik Mary out with this fake vomit stuff."

"Take him out back and squik him."

"The mouse let out a tiny squik before disappearing back into the hole."
by Jasmine February 15, 2005
to gross someone out, to offend their sensibilities; to give TMI
A: yo, you think she'll appreciate this?
R: dude... hentai? what the fuck, tentacle rape hentai?
A: yeah man, that shit's hot. you don't think she'll like it?
R: are you serious? that's totally going to squik her.
by booty_eavesdropper October 02, 2009
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