James Gilbey's pet name for Diana, Princess of Wales.
In a surrepticiously recorded phone conversation between the pair on New Year's Eve of 1989, Gilbey called Di "Darling" 53 times and "Squidgy" 14.
by Figleaf23 August 20, 2007
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A pink octopus with colorful tentacles with beady eyes who was won at Claw Machine game by the band Of Mice & Men. Squidgy is now lost but we're hoping he will be running for president and not in the hands of Zooey Deschanel. Long Live Squidgy.
Squidgy Squidgy Squidgy, la la la la la. Squidgy we love you so.
by ShayBotBot October 14, 2011
adj. squidgy Pronounced: squid-gee
noun - squidgyness

The term squidgy can be affectionately used to express that the body of another person is of an especially satisfying firmness for hugging, cuddling and similar fondling. Squidgy may also express that the person is simultaneously cute, squishy and cuddly. Generally, the desire to continue holding onto a squidgy person is strong which may lead to longer hugs than usual as well as social awkwardness.

Squidgy may also be used to describe the amazing hug itself.
Case where the two people involved are close:

Person A hugs Person B.
Person A: "Mmmm....you are so squidgy..."
*Loving glances are exchanged and the hug continues*

Case where the two people involved are strangers:
Person A hugs Person B.
Person A continues hugging Person B, despite B's attempts to let go; A has been overcome by the hug's squidgyness.

*Awkward glances are exchanged and Person A finally lets go*


"I find it hard to stop hugging you because your hugs are so very warm and squidgy".
by supernova4 February 12, 2011
soft and squishy (often a bit chubby, too.)
aww...look at the squidgy little puppy!
by Meredith February 12, 2004
(Adj.) To be squishy and wet at the same time, usually causing slight discomfort.
Dude, you spillled your drink my shoes! Now my socks are going to be squidgy.
by Mac396 December 01, 2009
(adjective) A word describing the wet, slippery, rubbery crunch, of either cold cooked shrimp or lobster tail when bitten into.

synonyms: junjee, jidgy

antonyms: "pluwfuwffy", or "huffiffy", describing the sound and feeling of food that is so dry or powdery in your mouth that you cough dryly or nearly choke.
At the seafood restaurant, an eager Hapford bit into several cold shrimp with cocktail sauce to enjoy the "squidgy" sensation of their texture.

(Antonym example): After Jeff stuffed the two powdered munchkins into his mouth, he panicked and let out a "huffiff" (noun form), for they were "pluwfuwffy".
by John Cord July 04, 2011
Ahhh, that feeling on and about the lips and gums when you bite into a mushroom cap <legal kind>, a combination of a squeeky sound and a sponge-like chattering on the surface of your teeth.
The "squidgy" feeling from the 'shrooms only got more pronounced after the dressing was applied...
by C. Brooks December 12, 2005
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