To hit on someone, often someone who's a few years younger than you are.
Don't squeeze the WOWies!

He put the sqeeze on and I was helpless to resist.
by Anonymous October 16, 2001
To compress something
Imma squeeze your neck till u turn purple and stop moving foo!
by Moggy006 June 14, 2004
to stroke the male genitalia while firmly grasping the shaft and hand-thrusting up and down repetitively until the squirt
David: Lemme see yo left hand
Tyler: I can't, I can't show you
David: Oh, you SQUEEZED tuh-day! Didn't chu
#squeeze #penis #masturbation #stroke #dick #ejaculation
by rebackt8 November 30, 2014
to fire a weapon, specifically a handgun
"Some shit pops off we squeeze each one they gonna think it's machine guns" - Eminem
#sqeeze #fire #shoot #cap #pop #gat
by Langr December 06, 2005
A girl of the day. Someone you are physically attracted to and is DTF. No emotional connection and nothing more then a Bang Bam thank you Ma'am. Never stay the night with a squeeze after you beat cakes.
Friend: what you up to tonight

You: About to smash the squeeze then im free.
#hoe #girl of the day #side girl #bitch #good lay
by PapaSquat October 14, 2009
noun. (Shorten version of the word Dick Squeeze) a male who is generally unpleasant to be around because he constantly tries to prove superiority through random acts of stupidity.
Donnie: Dude, Dave just face-pushed Nathan in the pool with all his clothes on

Matt: God, Dave is such a squeeze.
#douche #dick squeeze #asshole #dick #tool
by mashot24 July 29, 2011
Another term for marijuana, weed, reefer, commonly used down south Florida
Yo son, I got sum fire squeeze
#reefer #marijuana #weed #pot #ganja
by Dan Barber June 25, 2008
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