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The genetically freakish mix of a squirrel and a beaver; pure awesomeness
Oh my god, look at that roadkill squeaver on the side of the road!
by Amanda_1039 October 26, 2007
This it the combination of a beaver and a squirrel. it has the body of a beaver and the big bushy tail of a squirrel. they are very rare to see but can be spotted in places near dams and country like areas.
"what the hell was that it looked like a beaver with a squirrel tail"

"that was a squeaver"
by rollinonxsjado March 05, 2007
That THING in the Komm Mit book for level 1 German. It is known for its juggling abilities. It is somehow all over the internet and you can buy just about anything with this little guy on it.
It's a squirrel, it's a beaver, it's a Squeaver!
by HillBillyRockstar May 15, 2012
A Squeaver is the sexual act of projectile shitting from a predetermined distance onto certain areas of your partners or "Targets" body. It is achieved by combining a high fibre diet with ex-lax and excellent timing.
1:I was the 1973 Eastern European Squeaver champion, and dude I just Squeeved my guts out over Sam.

2:Honey I washed the dishes, now you'd better sit back and prepare for some intense squeaving action.

3: OMG! I must have just squeaved over 5 metres... and hit my target! That must be a record.
by crackshack2 June 05, 2010
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