To juice yourself in gas form, typically unexpectedly; or on command; Vaginal muscels squeeze out juice and sometimes making a gooshy noise
" Oh fuck, i squeated in my undies from that scarey movie, do you have an extra pair?"

"That bitch can never borrow my pants again, she squeated all over the inside, and didnt even wash them!"
by romeo g April 09, 2010
Top Definition
A type of smoking rotation; used when smoking marijuana. Very similar to Mexican Sweat, but there's no Mexicans involved, thankfully. Squeats is a simple one-hit pass rotation to keep everything moving fast. Unlike Mexican Sweat, you can exhale freely without repercussions.
When smoking marijuana, Daniel yelled out "squeats"! But everyone ignored him, because, as always, he says it just as blunt was going out. =(
by TM7 June 20, 2012
A word called out, usually loudly, to harken hungry friends or associates to gather and travel enmasse to some established eating area such as a cafeteria or dining hall. The derivation may have originated from the phrase "let's go eat!".
Anybody hungry!?...squeat!
by Michael Ely January 23, 2004
a word used to describe the sweat accumulating around the dick, ball-bag, gooch, or vag area.
oh man, i stink of squeat, it's so hot in here.

dude, you need a pirate bath, you reek of squeat.
by squeater October 28, 2009
The sound herd during sex when a man is balls deep inside a very very lubricated women.
Last night I know they could hear her squeat.
by Taicak February 18, 2010
To SQUEAT is when girls get wet while sitting in a car that has seat warmers. The warm seat cause them to get wet and then they drip...or, SQUEAT
I turned the seat warmer on in the car and then my assistant got so wet she SQUEATED. It took me forever to mop it up
by joncorp February 04, 2010
to go and eat shitty college dining hall food that is sure to mess with the function of your bowels within the hour
guy: Shall we squeat?
girl: we shall! we shall!
by CrimsonOsiris March 12, 2004
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