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A word called out, usually loudly, to harken hungry friends or associates to gather and travel enmasse to some established eating area such as a cafeteria or dining hall. The derivation may have originated from the phrase "let's go eat!".
Anybody hungry!?...squeat!
by Michael Ely January 23, 2004
An exclamation uttered by a beaver upon discovering the bounty of precious and essential woody debris so necessary for constructing dams and lodges.
Look at that Benny...twigs-a-plenty! We'll get that darn dam built before the first spring run-off!
by Michael Ely January 27, 2004
A word shouted by a timber faller just as the tree that he has severed leaps from it's stump. This word is shouted to warn others in the vicinity to be aware. This word is not heard often in the woods any longer because of the numerous restrictions put on timber harvesting. These restrictions primarily came about from well intentioned,but misguided, environmentalists and their ilk.
Timberrr! Oh yeah I kinda' remember hearing that a long time ago. I'm not sure what it means. Maybe we should look it up in the Urban Dictionary.
by Michael Ely February 01, 2004
One who debunks.
Of all of the high profile, media saavy debunkerators I must say that Al Haig is not one of them.
by Michael Ely January 27, 2004
A Codfish after taxidermi held together by Super-Glue.
That csgod is in remarakably good shape considering the many times it has been moved with those vagabond Norwegians the Jensens!
by Michael Ely January 22, 2004
One who is in the closet but is too timid to do much more than open the door on occasion and peek out.
A good underflamer is hard to find. I wonder why?
by Michael Ely January 27, 2004
The noisy and raucous exchange between one or more crows and one or more cows.
Would you listen to all of that mok out there? Sometimes I wish we had never moved here to Golden Guernsey Acres.
by Michael Ely January 27, 2004
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