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you and your boys squad up to get ready to fight or participate in some other form of mischief.
John and his boys had to squad up when Raakim's crew kept talkin' noise.
by liz November 30, 2004
290 67
Calling all your boys to come and fight with you and the homies.
nemo andthe yg'z said squad up all day every day.
by yung dip June 09, 2006
134 49
a saying that is used when someone is calling someone else out to fight
You talkin' big sh** so squad up!
by Ni-Ni May 19, 2006
91 53
get your crew together; arm yourself; get help
"yo if you wana start beef with me you beta squadup cuz you aint nothing by yourself"
by Fade August 30, 2004
14 7
The act of meeting up with some buddies to smoke the truck up.
Dalton, grab your Reggie and lets squad up!
by Parker Jones February 04, 2013
12 10
Term that the volunteer farm crew of Broken Sidewalk Farm uses amongst each other, and with people on the street as they do reach outs telling people to go forth and help other people, including growing food to give away for free.
Empower the species, SQUAD UP!

Alternative example:

Empower the species, SQUAD THE FUCK UP!
by The Fledgling Farmer July 04, 2010
20 22
What you scream if your a bitch and scared to fight someone one on one
Only Pussies Squad Up
by YeahINutted November 09, 2007
60 65