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To move so slow that you can be compared to a fat man trying to have sex with a jar of peanut butter.
Pull the dick out of you ass, stop spudging, and let's go to the bars.
by Mowy April 25, 2004
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Verb; To administer a painful blow which consequently causes a shart or defecation.
What is the problem Jon?
Well Mr. Heiner, I was spudged before class.
Oh no. Go to the nurse and get the emergency pants.
by Designer Nigloo's January 20, 2011
Poop stain. Shart.
Jimmy's mother carefully loaded the washer, being sure not to touch the spudge in her son's shorts.
by surfdturf4u August 11, 2009
Spudge is a word that is used for any "white" substance. It is also a verb and a noun.
"Dude!, wash your hands after spudging all over them!"

"Hey, you got some spudge around your mouth! Does this mean your gay?
by Alexzandorz November 20, 2009
verb - to spudge. I spudge, we spudge, they spudge, you spudge, he/she/it spudges. I am a spudger. He is a spudgee.
To flirt with somebody with no intention of following it up with anything. To flirt with no meaning other than humour.
Something only really safe to be done amougnst friends, unless you want your teeth kicked in, or enjoy giving people false impressions.
Ben was convinced that Jeni fancied Alex, after all, hadn't he seen them flirting heavily? NO! They actually hated each other, and were merely endulging in some heavy spudging.
by Shrub October 18, 2004
(n) The pasty stuff that comes out of a blackhead pimple.
Joe enjoyed squeezing the spudge out of his blackheads.
by Heptune May 11, 2005

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