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A ramp tramp, aka a Skate Park Slut. Slutty girls that hang out around skate parks for any reason other than riding a skateboard. SPS want to ride skaters rather than skateboards.
I can't shred ssbsts when those sps are here.

Why do sps always show up when I'm trying to skate?

That sps over there wants you to session under the ramp with her.

SPS are easy to spot. They are always at the skate park, but never skate.
by ThrasherKOTR October 20, 2011
Saucy Puppet Show. Term taken from Futurama when Fry tells Bender to go see a saucy puppet show so he can sleep with a hot and dumb date.
Send your roomie a text message saying "go see a sps"
by addictedtogaming November 16, 2006
Russian version of thx, an abbreviation for
<a> hi i like your gear
<b> sps
by Unique anonymous user January 08, 2009
South Park Studios. The production company behind the long-running animated sitcom South Park. Also the name of the website hosting all episodes of the show.
The new episode is up on SPS!
Awesome, let's watch it.
by Fresh Kid Ice April 04, 2011
Stands for the "Standardized Pump Scale." A scale used to indicate a girl's hotness. The assigned numerical value is determined by estimating the amount of pumps it would take to ejaculate while having sexual intercourse with the girl. The lower the number of pumps, the hotter the girl. It should be noted that the SPS may be unreasonably skewed by the effects of alcohol or the lack of sex since high school prom.
Guy 1: Man, check out that hottie.
Guy 2: Yeah, she's at least a 6 on the SPS.
Guy 1: Yeah right, she's only a 2 unless you count the 4 courtesy pumps you'd give her just so you wouldn't feel so guilty.
by anonymous October 06, 2004
A: You know that girl Daina?

B: Ya, sps
by Boozki March 05, 2010
Slack Pussy Syndrome - when a pussy is like elephant ears
Guy 1:"My right foot got stuck in her pussy"
Guy 2:"That Bitch got a serious case of SPS"
by The Philosophe April 09, 2012