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The word sprouter is a term used very loosely , towards a good looking girl. Often yelled out of cars windows or just to passers by . It is a term derived from the "skaters"
But used properly it is defined as a young girl blossoming into a good looking women.
"Dude, that chick is sprout"
#sprout #sprouta #hottie #legit #blossoming
by Little Tom August 14, 2007
A hot, young or 'fresh' girl 16-20 years old. "Sprouting" meaning that they are young and blossoming. Can also have connotations of being naive or easily preyed upon (by 18-25 year old skateboarders, who are the primary users of this term).
location: cool underground club that plays 90s hip hop and electro
skater: i'm gonna go dance with that sprouter, man
skater 2: yeah she looks about 16, you should go for it!
#babe #hottie #skater #skatepark slut #sprouting
by yournameorpseudonym August 26, 2008
Someone who one thinks will be hot when they are older.
A: That girl is hot
B: Yeah she's a sprouter
#hot when older #hot #blossom #sprout #sprouting
by Derppppppppppppppp October 25, 2011
girls younger than you are (generally 2 years younger) who are less experienced in the art of sexuality. But are whiling to put out alot
those sprouters on the weekend were so hot. all the guys got stuff of them
#sprouter #sprouters #young #girls #younger
by beng-skinny September 21, 2009
Hot girl.
In Barcelona also known as Meritxell, or MeryJane for aussies.
Meryjane is so sprouter... she is dreamy!
#maryjane #hot #chick #tiabuena #yummi
by yelllaaaaa September 06, 2007
A group of girls who "sprout" other girls into what they call "popularity". The activities they participate in include: Ruining songs for everyone by making slutty videos, Uniting for closet parties, passing out every weekend, and calling themselves the "Line Bitches". WARNING: Sprouters have been known to get caught by parents.
"Did you see the Sprouters last weekend? They just initiated another girl and celebrated with a closet party."
#naive #stupid #foolish #fools #foolin around
by Sprouta Hata October 30, 2008
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