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1. verb the small, individual act of saving energy or resources by conservation
2. to conserve that which is undervalued or unappreciated
3. noun the equivalent of 1000 joules of energy.
alistair sprouled the overhead projector while he digressed
by niu November 18, 2007
To throw consecutive wild pitches in the baseball game.
Yo man, you really sprouled that one.
by Josh Sproul June 12, 2007

n : the act of sprouling
v 1: to behave as if Superman powers have been bestowed upon you, despite being mostly inept ; v 2: To install Windows ME in search of better performance from your personal computer.
v 1: "The suspicious stranger sprouled the bars of the town"

v 2: "I am sprouling my laptop"
by Koumu October 11, 2004