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Scottish - Male
Defender of men.

Alistair has 8 variant forms: Alastair, Alastor, Aleister, Alisdair, Alistaire, Alister, Allister and Aly.
I R TANK, alistair is a common tanker name
by TankerAL January 24, 2008
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what you name your baby boy when he is the cutest thing on this planet! Also means Defender of Man!
Oh look, he's almost cute enough to call Alistair
by schmuk June 13, 2008
1. Name; Etymology behind this man's name is "Defender of Men".
2. Strong, courageous, English man's name.
1. "Wow, did you see Alistair on the beach? He took on the zombie invasion hordes alone with just a broadsword!"

2. "Wow, look at Alistair's hair today. I want to bone him."
by Lauren_the_Lovely May 26, 2009

A person who is genuine. An Alistair is usually always hot. He cares about people as much as himself. A kid who dresses nice and tries to impress, but not in a cocky way. An Alistair usually has dark blue eyes and has stylish hair. He is tall, handsome, and fun to be around. He plays sports but usually "sports talk" is boring to him. He is usually shy to most people, but he can be the life of the party if he wants to. People are jealous of an Alistair. An Alistair is also smart.
"Woah, did you see that guy?!?!"

"Ya, he is in my class! Super nice guy, and cute."

"I need his number. Is he like an Alistair?"

"YES! He is an Alistair! I want his number too!"


"God dude. He has everything. Why is he so lucky?"

"I don't know man. He's such an Alistair."
by Alist er March 21, 2012
An alternative name for one who dislikes being referred to as a doll/doll face. An Alistair may react to this term of endearment by whining "don't call me that, it's for girls".

He is not a lamb.
Alistair doll, I love you

You're such a dollface Alistair
by katamairi April 15, 2010
Noun: from the ancient greek for "one whom is milky and naked," an alistair traditionally spends most of his/her time fondling themselves and defecating in public beauty spots whilsts covering themselves in milk and drinking the menstral juices of the mother wolf.
"Your kid sam has turned into a real alistair, we're almost out of milk and there's skid marks and spunk stains all over the the town memorial."
by Alistair the Anaconda June 09, 2007
A person who loves the ladies, usually has a head larger than his body, skips all his lessons to hang around with friends, wears the same clothes every day, and thinks he is cooler than everybody else.

In reality he is a loser who girls laugh at.
Oh, that's Alistair, he thinks all of the girls like him, but they just laugh at him.
by thetimemachine January 01, 2011

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