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A mixed drink made with wine and carbonated water usually
consumed by females
Lee loved to drink a spritzer before a night out at fluffy
by percy46 July 02, 2007
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a glass of wine mixed with carbonated water(not to be confused with champagne)
I ain't having another spritzer.
by The Return of Light Joker July 26, 2008
1. A drink made with wine and carbonated water and, usually consumed by females.

2. A word used to describe the act of shooting your load over females faces more generally known as a Facial.
1a. 'Pour me a tall drink of wine and soda please kind sir'?

1b. 'Certainly young lady'.

2a. 'Yeah, give me your love potion baby, all over my face'.

2b. 'Here it comes...SPRITZERRRRRR'

(Phrase must be yelled at the moment of facial decoration for maxium effect.)
by Mr Jaffa Cake March 06, 2009
n. A bottle that squirt, sprays, mists or "spritzes" liquids. It is often used as for cleaning purposes, and is the cooler cousin of spray bottles.
v. to spritze, or spray, a fluid
-"Honey, have you seen the spritzer? I "want" to clean the windows."

-"My cat kept climbing on my desk, so I've started spritzing him when he does."
by frenchiekaia January 16, 2008
A stylish and worldly couple, often seen preaching to youth about "being cool", taming monkeys (for pets, servants, friends, and/or combat allies), and are usually able to take extreme damage to the toe or foot region of the body without showing the slightest bit of pain or discomfort.
Dumb ass Kid: "You fools are Spritzers!"

Spritzer Couple: "Monkey, ATTACK!. Come on Pam lets go clubbin'..."

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