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A spreadsheet a financial program that was created in the 1980s and quickly became a killer app. A spreadsheet is like a calculator on steroids. Not only can it perform basic mathematical computations but, you can create formulas within the spreadsheet and link the numbers together.

The magical part of a spreadsheet is that when you make a change to one number in the spreadsheet, you can see instantly how it affects the other number(s) on the sheet. In a sense, you can simulate the outcome of a math equation, your money, or anything else that deals with numbers before you actually do it in rl. It is an amazing application.
Lotus 1-2-3, Microsost Excel, Visicalc are all spreadsheets with Visicalc being the granddaddy of them all
by BMoney June 01, 2006
1) Fat Whore: fat - a spreadsheet or excel (XL) sheet, as in extra large clothing (XL) for fat people, whore - someone who 'spreads' their 'sheets' for anyone, aka fat whore.
2) Fat Chick - an excel (XL) sheet; a fat girl who has to wear oversize clothes
3) Whore, Skank, Slut - a girl who will fuck anyone
That girl is such a spread sheet, I can't believe she fucked that guy!

Shut up spread sheet.
by Nichihda August 17, 2010