doing a wheely while sitting on the seat and spreading your legs on either side of the bike.
Damn!! did you see that shit! godddamn!! he just did a wheely with his legs spread!! i wish i was him
by Benny Chains February 23, 2005
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A person who is a whore and enjoys spreading their legs wide open for men to have sex. By spreading their legs it creates easier access for the men to inject their dicks into their ass.
Helen is a spreader.
by peek-a-boo August 04, 2004
A little bit like an advanced-level moon, whereby the person doing the spreading drops his or her kecks and gently pulls apart their buttocks, exposing their anus to shocked onlookers.
I'm telling you, it was rank. There we were in McD's, and in came Matt Buckley and dropped his pants, pulling a spreader at us. Two things became obvious - 1, that he'd recently eaten sweetcorn, and 2, that he needed to practice wiping a bit more thoroughly.
by Matt Hindle January 22, 2004
A person who supplies drugs to a crowd.
Do you think there will be a spreader at the rave?
by Jay November 17, 2003
Spec. south london ghetto slang

n. Homies or friends that big you up in any way

from. Spreading the word
"My spreaders got me a rep up in Soho."
by McKenzie January 22, 2005
Means that you would spread your legs (allow someone to have intercourse with you) in exchange for something.
Danielle: I would sooo spread my legs for some cider
Emma: Don't be such a spreader!
by Tappey May 17, 2010
One who engages in the distribution of semen over their own face after reception of a facial.

Don't kiss Adrian's face, he's a spreader!
by Justinian the great August 22, 2007
to spread your ass cheeks and sit on someones face
I fell like giving Watts a spreader once i am done drinking this exlax.
by TearDrop February 17, 2004

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