Top Definition
To carry on talking about an unnecessary topic for a leangthened space of time
by Stephanie Mann (namber wan) May 22, 2003
verb -
To speak in extended monologues that have a potential to bore or irritate, displaying scant regard for facts.
Steve was a great guy, but he had definite tendency to spraff shit on a variety of subjects about which he knew little.
by Robin Bruce August 06, 2007
(Scottish)to lie about something or make something up.
statement:"I'm a millionaire, Ive been to the moon"
by Blythe Richardson December 04, 2008
Noise made when a lemon impacts an eye socket at high velocity.
As he looked up, a yello citrus fruit smashed him in the eye with a huge
by Neville August 26, 2004
A spraff is a deragotory term for someone who talks to someone just for one thing, usually money or some form of drug.
Oh, look here's John the spraff, i bet he's here spraffing for dope again.
by sangajin May 07, 2007
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