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(Pronounced Spoh-tuh) Stereotype of dumb inner city blacks' slang for supposed to. "Spota get a job. Spota take care of the kids. Spota not break the law."
-Look at all of those spotas on the street. They really need to get a job.
by LittleBlackSambo May 13, 2010
a lazy son of a bitch who does nothing
he "spota" be graduated two years ago
by trickyjoka April 28, 2003
a black person in the wrong area
"look at that nigger....he aint SPOTA be here"
by nutkracker November 13, 2011
A demanding resturaunt customer that beleives any menu item ordered is lacking something. Dissatisfaction is epressed with the term spota.
Man, I was having a good shift at Chili's until I got a table full of Spotas. Evidently our shrimp pasta "spota have more shrimp and spota have more suace."

Spota have more shrimp, spota have more sauce, fuck this shit lemme talk to yo boss.
by D Master Flash and Stevo November 11, 2006
1. Stupid person
2. Demanding person
3. Lazy person
In line at the DMV- "fuckin spota can't even speak english".
by Amicus JP 4 January 05, 2010
African american driver looking for his insurance, and the trials and tribulations associated with it.
I spota have my insawance, but I don't know wut happen to it.
by jay February 09, 2004

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