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another name for crystal meth,because its cocaine for white trailers trash okies
thats some good okie coke russell's got,man- that shit kept me up 2 days on one fuckin line,man
by BobOfDeath July 28, 2010
someone whos a jock or really into sports,is always on sports teams in school,and watches sports all the time..was used alot in the 80s
"jesus,everything that guys wearing has a team name on it..what a fuckin sportie"
by BobOfDeath December 01, 2009
a tattoo on a chick that looks like it was done on her just so the artist could bang her or practice tattooing. something most likely "retro" or rockabilly that all these chicks have nowadays,like a cherry,a nautical star,a horseshoe, something that has absolutely no meaning behind it,and was just something quick and easy for the artist to do to get laid or practice
look at that phony rockabilly chick and all those permadoodle stars and birds shes got all over her
by BobOfDeath July 28, 2010
another name for crystal meth..its the dirty,trailer trash sister to the more glamorous cocaine
i been one on and runnin for the last 3 days,no sleep,totally tweekin,doin that dirty sister
by BobOfDeath July 28, 2010
a glamrockabilly is one of those stupid rockabilly people that just dress like it for the fashion like all those buttrockers that liked poison and warrant did in the 80s

commonly seen in those dumb people that are probably 19 and have full sleeve and chest tattoos of nautical stars and sparrows that are everywhere these days
id like to that Reverend Horton Heat show tonight,but theres gonna be a bunch of those stupid glamrockabillys there so im not gonna
by BobOfDeath October 31, 2009
an offshoot of 80s glam metal/butt rock that is more romance novel oriented than the cartoonish sleaze of bands like poison and motley crue. the biggest fabio rock band is whitesnake. lead singer david coverdale's "i really love you and need your tender lovin" lyrical style and dress shirt/long styled hairdo symbolize the fabio rock aesthetic. the name "fabio rock" comes from romance novel cover model fabio. some other fabio rock bands are steelheart,lion,and house of lords. fabio rock really doesnt exist anymore in a commercial sense,but its still a favorite among classic rock and construction rock fans.
i cant stand whitesnake and their stupid "ooh i love you baby"- all that fabio rock shit sucks!!
by BobOfDeath February 20, 2011
a white trailer trash type woman,a okie meth head lady.. so called "tweety" because they always seem to be wearing a really long t-shirt with a picture of tweety-bird cartoon on it,over like some tight sweat pants
"there arent any good lookin chicks in this trailer park- just a bunch of ugly tweetys"
by BobOfDeath September 04, 2009

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