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A sporgasm happens under circumstances similar to a sponer. Except, instead of getting a hard on, you spontaneously bust your nut.
Man, seeing that girl's thong in class today gave me a sporgasm. It was messy.
by piratesrule May 13, 2004
To spaz out and have an orgasm at the same time.
Mary had a sporgasm that ended with ALSKJHkrjhlkjasd OH!
by kelvin tow February 20, 2008
When you have sex and the sperm inside you gives you another orgasm, probably from wriggling
Hey Annie I shagged Ollie last night and had another sporgasm
by KIRANJOHALLA January 26, 2011
A sudden orgasm while reading anything about the upcoming game "Spore" by EA.
"Oh, Christy, look." "Spore will be released September 7, 2008"
"Auuuahg, ooo, ooo, ooo, AHHHHH!"
"Sorry, I had a Sporgasm."
by SporgasmRus May 04, 2008
to have an uncontrolable sudden orgasm that pretty much rocks, but is awkward for those around you
when that guy walked by i completely had a sporgasm

"What the hell was that?"
"my bad, sporgasm"
by Kojo February 27, 2007
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