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noun; portmanteau of ‘sports’ and ‘boner’; athletic metaphor meaning: a team or an athlete performs so well that it effects one sexually; applies to both men and women; verb: sponerise
Man, those Seahawks are giving the entire Pacific Northwest a sponer!
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ January 06, 2013
spontaneous boner; an unexpected or unwanted erection of the penis
I was sittin' in church, and I got this sponer that wouldn't go down
by Beavis January 19, 2004
When two people are spooning, and the big spoon gets a boner and therefore pokes the little spoon in the ass/thigh region
It was difficult to sleep with his sponer poking me all night
by The Girls of 44 January 14, 2008
A sponer is when a dude is wearing a speedo and he has a fucking huge boner
It is just completly noticable
And very HARD to hide!
Person 1"LOL did you just see that dude walk past!"

Person 2"ya no one could have missed that HUGE sponer"
by Ilivu December 28, 2009
spiritual boner
a)a hardness in the crotch area when you are spiritually aroused
b)a sexual arousal when spiritually blessed
c)spiritual mind boner
does not have anything to do with lust
When I saw Brooke Fraser at a Hillsongs concert, I got a sponer.
by tenaya-thuggin April 28, 2009
the feeling of being lazy, lethargic, and sleepy.
Matt had the biggest sponer ever so therefor he took a 4 hour nap.

Reece could barely move his arms and legs he was so tired, it could be said he had a big sponer.
by rts_27 February 08, 2010
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