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A mildly racist slur for cardassians. The term 'cardie' is MUCH stronger. Please do not utter either in front of a cardassian unless you are an EXTREMELY skilled fighter.
The term 'spoonhead' is basically equivalent to whatever mild insult for races you care to mention.
by Walking Talking Dictionary September 23, 2006
A derivative term used to describe Cardassians by characters in the Star Trek Universe
Why should we help him, did he kill one of the spoon heads?
by Colostomyexplosion May 18, 2007
when your mate comes out with something bloody stupid, daft, or just plain gay. they may also DO something stupid when trying to be cocky or clever.
they could also just be a tw*t
when someone spills a tin of paint on a slate roof, you would call them a spoonhead
by Dave Spendlove September 14, 2005
a stubborn, frustrating ,argumentive boyfriend/girlfriend, lover, spouse, life partner, sister, brother, and any other thing that may be bothering an individual..
crystal: jesus erek is being a spoonhead!
by Shawna F June 28, 2005
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