significant other, a non-gendered referent to a boyfried or girlfriend.
Sorry, guys. I can't hang out, my spooky just called.
by Percy Reno November 19, 2004
A girl who was given the nickname after giving the greatest mathematics teacher in the world a case of the willies; an artist known for posters of calculator graphs and calculus impossibilities; synonymous with poisoned.
"Hi, Spooky!" said the grocery boy.
by terato August 22, 2006
a liberal in republican clothes
You cant trust Spooky, he switches opinions more often than his underwear.
by Carlos November 17, 2003
Used as a noun, a derogatory and/or condescending term used to define a member of any given group of insipid 'counter-culture' youth that pride themselves on taking part in the contemporary lifestyle/fashion commonly referred to as " goth ."

The term is ideally reserved for the most whiny, hypocritically judgmental, or otherwise unrespectable sects of the "goth scene."

As such, " goths " themselves may use the term to describe the lower, less esteemed eschelons of their zany " goth " heirarchy.
"The SPOOKY wrote a heart-wrenching poem, about the Vortex of Sadness he feels whenever he has to go to Gym Class, on the wall of the bathroom stall at Smoothie King."

"I'm afraid to even go to my favorite bar any more. It's got a horrible infestation of SPOOKIES."

"Oh, you're a SPOOKY? Well, of course there's absolutely nothing wrong with being able to perceive the ills of society and human nature, but to react to this by whining constantly and dressing in clothing intended entirely for shock value (admit it), not to mention judging anyone who chooses to behave differently as meritless, isn't the most brilliant plan of attack."
by Brodsgaard November 23, 2003
a. Scary

b. compassionate asshole

c. always kissing up to Pocho people
spooky can get out of control
by spooky November 19, 2003
an african american
crazy spooky
by avec May 05, 2003

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