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An amazing, sexy female that you instantly fall for.
She was a spookie girl and I will never forget her.
by Nicca July 07, 2003
anything scarier than spooky. or used when just trying to be cute.

also used to piss off the spelling nazi's who don't know a damn thing but think they know everything.
It's Spookie to think that this little shit will someday have a vote in this country.
by Bunny September 20, 2004
General term for any Military gunship Aircraft such as the AC-130U.
The spookie opened up its arsenal on the enemy postions.
by JonathanChance October 01, 2003
A sexual Deviant that preys on the weak, young children,very drunk women and animals.
Look there is a Spookie,he is trying to snatch that kid!!
by transdogger1 March 14, 2010