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Cool but in a non-mainstream way. For example Abercrombie may be cool among a certain set, but it will never be spooky.

Poss. derivation from Fox Mulder's nickname on the X-Files because Mulder embodied an outsider ideal of sorts being cute and smart and totally committed to his world view even when it was constantly under attack by all the "normal" people.
A: "Did you see her new Global Frequency tattoo?"

J: "Yeah, it's spooky."
by Kathryn January 18, 2004
Consuming colossal amounts of alcohol and commiting deleterious acts amungst your own community.
Lets get spooky tonight king
by The King of all hens January 01, 2010
All drugged up...Usually on prescription pills. High on pills.
"Man, these percocets got me all SPOOKY"
by Talleywacker November 03, 2011
nick name given to mexican gang members, often in mexican neighborhoods on Los Angeles
"hey wassup spooky?"
by SPOOK-E April 04, 2006
A term used to describe anything "cool" and of a dark nature. Often used by "goths." "Goth-awesome"
"omgs did you see those Joy Division shirts at Hot Topic?"
"yeah, they were like, totally spooky!"
by omgs omgs omgs! May 25, 2005
A funny way of namin ghosts.
If you are frightened of spooky, you definitely are scare ass muthaphuckka!
by Lock_Out August 09, 2008
Something spooky. Like... that random flying baby. It's spooky. Because babies don't randomly fly.
I'm spooky! Be afraid! Be very afraid!
by Spooky Person April 07, 2005
n, adg.
1. one who is dirty, dimwitted, and tries to be 'dark'. attempts 'emo', 'goth' or anything of a 'spooky' nature.
2. poser, who prefers to be called 'themselves' and says 'i'm just me'.
3. one who is so ignorant that they are oblivious to the world, trends and the obvious 'fakes' that surrounds them.
4. describing something to be dirty, and fake-like.
caroline, queen of dirty spookies, enjoys bathing in the dumpster, while she listens to 'note to self' repeatavly.

Anti-Spooky Friend: Like my new 'Simple Plan' Tshirt?
Anti Spooky: Uhhhh, thats uber spooky.
by emyxv August 21, 2006