The act of expelling gas from your ass (farting) in such a way that it frightens/ startles those around you.
Zach really made me jump when he bent over and ripped a voluminous spooker. Ah!!! Who spookered?
#fart #shit #shart #cropdust #rip ass
by Igor Strabinsky April 16, 2010
Top Definition
a dead hooker
Diane: "You can't spend your money from the grave, Dave."

Dave: "No you can't, so I'll spend it before I go!"

Diane: "What, you gonna buy some hookers?"

Dave: "No, spookers."

Diane: "What are spookers?"

Dave: "Dead hookers. They'll give me a nice boo job!"
#hookers #prostitutes #dead people #grand theft auto #grave
by connorsji January 22, 2010
A deragatory term for a african-american, because just like a ghost can't be seen in the light a black cannot be seen in the dark.
If you play rap music at a party at night, a spooker might jump out of the bushes and shoot you with a blow gun.
#spook #spookie #spooking #spear chucker #apple
by J-Izzy June 24, 2006
A female that is creepy or is a creeper.
A girl who creepily stalks her friends on or a guy she is interested in on facebook or in person is a spooker.
#creeper #to spook #crazy #slut #bitch #cougar
by Notacreeper12 July 07, 2010
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