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a girl that you would have sex with but never enter into a full-fledged relationship with

You have to slay a couple of dragons before you find your princess!
in business terms: in HR- A benefits specialist with no hope of promotion

Matt: "Joe, you slay that dragon yet?"
Joe: "No dude, she wants to be my girlfriend!"

Hey, you want to go dragon slaying tonight?
No, I already slew one today and then threw her out!
by connorsji January 22, 2009
a Catholic priest's favorite place to sleep.
Father Cahill had a boycott in the rectory and slept like a baby. Meow!
by connorsji May 01, 2009
an obese person's ass- usually includes folds, wrinkles, and acne along with the fat
On The Beach: "Hey, look at that asstrocity over there. Someone should tell her to wrap a tarp over that thing
by connorsji January 16, 2009
what one shoots into a urinal after they masturbate in a company bathroom
The secretary looked so good that I had to go blow a penile loogie in the bathroom
by connorsji May 08, 2008
a burp that smells like shit
"What the hell did you eat? That was the grossest shurp I have ever smelled! Did you have beets and cottage cheese?"
by connorsji January 16, 2009
A bottle that is urinated into by a long-haul trucker as he is driving and then thrown out the window.
Joe Bob threw a uritov cocktail out his window and splashed into the State Trooper's open window, getting him arrested.
by connorsji May 08, 2008
The fecal mojito is the cousin of the uritov cocktail. It consists of a bag that a long-haul trucker uses to take a dump in and the throws it out his window as he is driving.
Driving through Boston, my wife thought that there was a dead cat on the side of the road. I knew better. The son of a bitch in front of me threw a fecal mojito at me. I swerved to avoid the shit splatter, but I didn't avoid the follow up uritov cocktail.
by connorsji May 08, 2008
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