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to cum ejaculate maliciously into one's eye
So I found out my girlfriend cheated on me with that punkass nerd last weekend, so when she was sucking me off today, I told her to stop right before i came, and finished off myself, aimed directly at her eye, and spoogled her sorry ass. That shit burns.
by zanthia December 15, 2004
The act of maliciously blowing your load in another's eye.
Yeah, that girl sucks at sucking dick.
-Oh Yeah?
Yeah, she kept sharkbiting.
-Owwwww.....that sucks!
It's okay, I got my revenge.
-Oh yeah? How's that?
Right in the eye.
by Kevin Duffy April 12, 2005
To inadvertantly call up pornographic thumbnails when using Google Images. Esp. at work or in otherwise inappropriate circumstances.

Verb: Conflation of "Google" (ubiquitous internet search engine) and "spooge" (UK slang for semen).
As in "I was searching for the planning report for Stevenage town centre's pedestrianisation scheme, and spoogled a load of pictures of dogging (UK slang for outdoor sex) in and around Stevenage."
by Jon Ferguson March 16, 2006
A fluid-like discharge from the vagina following a coital activity.
The spoogle is running down to my cankle, by cranky!
by Belinnia Holdsmooth June 07, 2005
Like a doona that you can wear, some people can wear them out of the house.. Not recommended. Its got funny ads on TV.
It's so cold! I'll just pop my spoogle on.
by Holz+Leash. June 12, 2009
Talking to one person, having sexual and romantic relations without officially dating.
So are you and that girl dating yet?

Nah we're still spoogles.
by Benni3674 January 02, 2010
Spoo-gul: While smoking a joint communally, one finds themselves the last participant with no one who will accept what is left of the joint(see also roach)
'ere!!! <cough> hey man, you want this?

Naw man.

I'm Good.

Me too.

You got spoogled.
by Counterscoop February 24, 2009

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