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A town in the midst of hertfordshire, populated by 14 year olds and their children
"My daughter can almost remember the alphabet now"
"Suprising that. Taking into account that shes 21 and has three of her own"
by kamal Ali January 20, 2004
249 130
Large town in the north of Hertfordshire, England.

Although 90% of the population are Townies/Chavs etc, the remaining 10% aren't such shits. Stevenage is home to alot of big name shops and a railway station, which may by very ugly, but is suited to getting me to London very quickly. There are alot of good jobs on the west side of Stevenage (known as the industrial area).

Although I tolerate living in Stevenage, I urge everyone to stay away. I personally can't wait to get the fuck out of here. If you want to live in a new town, close to London, with cheap housing, try Milton Keynes. dispite what people (who haven't been there) say, it's a very nice place. (See my definition of MILTON KEYNES)
"is it me or are most people here less intelligent than a dead cat?"

"it's not you."
by gnarcheese February 25, 2005
96 66
1.The cultural hub of the western world and therefore all distances shall henceforth be measured in KMFS (kilometres from Stevenage)

2. Used when describing the amount of Chavs/pregnant teenagers in any given location
Louton is only about a 1.5 on the stevenage-scale
by Ape Escaper April 03, 2011
24 27
Pronounced Saint ev-un-arge
Ironic name for Stevenage, a crap town in hertfordshire. It was the first new town and as a result is one of the ugliest places in the country. It has the highest teenage conception rate in Hertfordshire and is in the top 10% of the most deprived places in England.
There is a silver lining to this cloud - it has an awesome old skool skatepark with some concrete bowls for flowin' round.
St Evenage is the patron-saint of chavs, square concrete buildings, people who think it is fun to drive round leisure parks in lowered citroen saxos, teenage pregnancy, white trainers and crap towns.

St Evenage day is celebrated in Pulse every Friday night, and in other similar establishments in crap towns across the country.
by jimwade January 05, 2010
23 26
1. A town of pregnant teenagers

2. A town full of chavs who aren't really chavs but are actually pussies and wanna be chavs. (They aren't really proper chavs)
Ugh, that Stevenage place man is full of pregnant teenagers.
by August 11, 2010
27 34
what the mighty stevenamos is known as in some remote parts of bognor
hello there, stevenage
by mikey PB March 15, 2004
20 65