A method of cracking porn sites using target and referal URLs.
I dont know how spoofing works, but it's free pR0n
by Toolbox November 03, 2003
Spoof, verb.

When smoking marijuana out of a bowl, homemade or otherwise, the act of exhaling forcefully (normally a cough) without removing your mouth from the apparatus and blowing the weed everywhere.
"You fucking idiot, you spoofed it!"
by dirksauce September 01, 2008
The old southern meaning of spoof or the act of "spoofing" is to trick or otherwise play a practical joke on someone. (This might be remembered from the old "Deputy Dawg" cartoon where the mischievous Muskie the Muskrat constantly spoofed Vince Van Gopher, Deputy Dawg and Sheriff.)

Muskie: "Depty Dawg, Depty Dawg! Vince fell in the quickmud!"
Deputy Dawg: "Dag nabit! This better not be a spoof, Muskie!"
Muskie: "It's possible... It's possible..."

by Nabru September 14, 2005
Impersonation. Identity hacking. Pretending to be another sex, or age, or color, or weight, or ethicality, or someone else altogether.
I spoof to get the guy's password.
by konholio February 15, 2005
In northern Ireland Spoof means to talk utter crap.
1. "I pulled 6 times last night"
2. "SPOOF"

by 182appleshampoo April 21, 2009
a parody of a TV show, historical event, video game, etc.
VideogameDC.com is all about spoofs on video games.
by Light Joker September 29, 2004
A person who tells blatant lies.
Arthur is a spoof, he said that the moon is made of chesse and pigs can fly.
by Tom Brownlee July 30, 2003
A meth pipe.
"Does Mario have a spoof? I got a 30 sack and I lost my old one."
by Recreational Science Teacher August 23, 2012

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