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In various 12-Step groups, such as AA or NA, a sponsor is someone who has some time in the program and has worked the steps who is willing to be there for newcomer. Sponsors generally help take the newcomer through the steps, are there to listen when a newcomer calls, and encourages the him or her to get involved in the group. Sponsors expect nothing in return except that the sponsee does the same for the next person needing help.
Fred: I've had a really hard day. Wish a beer was around...
Sam: You might wanna think about calling your sponsor first.

Sponsee: Hey John, just wanted to say hey, nothing new here.
Sponsor: Good to hear, see you at a meeting tonight?
Sponsee: Yeah, I'll be there.
Sponsor: Good, you might wanna go ahead and make the coffee.
by uialtum May 23, 2010
1. A rock group that emphasizes on percussion. Made up of three guys who are covered in blue grease paint and black clothes and a large band.

2. Mike Relm is currently opening for them

3. Also has an awesome light show. Great show to see stoned.
1. Man, The Blue Man group is a great show to take the whole family to!

2. Wow! This turntablist is great! I’m so glad he opens for The Blue Man Group!

3. Whoa, look at the show man...that’s pretty heavy.
by uialtum March 16, 2007

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