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Male masturbatory practice.

A spong laden with baby-oil/lotion is placed on a toilet seat; the erection is then place upon said sponge. A second similar sponge is then place atop the erection, and the toilet lid is then pressed down upon the whole caboodle. Thrusting can then commence, applying harder down-pressure as climax approaches.
I'm going home to have a good old sponging tonight!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
to chat on facebook with your niggys while blogging.
i was sponging the other day and it was some adrenaline pumping multi-tasking action
by Hugh Mongous March 10, 2009
A "Nasal Blowjob" whereby nasal mucus acts as a lubricant for a man's erect penis.

The ejaculation occurs inside the nose, or nasal pathway, before the person being "sponged" sucks it up along with mucus to the back of the throat, and swallows it.
"I totally sponged that bitch last night."

"I'm sorry - I have a throat infection. But you can sponge me all you want."

"Sponging makes me come so hard."
by Floor1KitchenKrew August 07, 2008