Social degenerate, possibly inbred and definately looks like it. Some spods think they are geeks, where as infact - they're not, they're incredibly stupid, and ugly.
Get away from me you goddam spod!
by g0nz0 November 03, 2004
"Steel Pipe of Dishonor"
That noob got the SPoD
by QuizMan November 14, 2003
Spod, Study Pod, is a section in the dorms of St. Paul's School in Concord, NH.
Spencer, get your ass in the spod to frelk out with me and Jody.
by Samineru April 03, 2006
Often a slang name given to fat fingered
potato headed people. Can be used also to describe the commonly seen inflation of such peoples eye lids when tired.
'look, here comes a sausage fingered ape man, oh no, it's spod'
by gustov prabovic August 26, 2003
A fucking roasted ass hillbilly skater fag hangout. Must notibly known for a hangout of PBR drinkers and 4D fans.
wow I would never be caught dead in the spod, that shits gay as hell
by Ben2913910283 July 23, 2006
The act of being hit in the nuts.
-"Ouch, did you see that?"
-"A prime spod, he'll be swollen for sure."
by Jon E Smoko December 17, 2003
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