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"Steel Pipe of Dishonor"
That noob got the SPoD
by QuizMan November 14, 2003
8 31
Often a slang name given to fat fingered
potato headed people. Can be used also to describe the commonly seen inflation of such peoples eye lids when tired.
'look, here comes a sausage fingered ape man, oh no, it's spod'
by gustov prabovic August 26, 2003
5 30
Spod, Study Pod, is a section in the dorms of St. Paul's School in Concord, NH.
Spencer, get your ass in the spod to frelk out with me and Jody.
by Samineru April 03, 2006
6 33
A fucking roasted ass hillbilly skater fag hangout. Must notibly known for a hangout of PBR drinkers and 4D fans.
wow I would never be caught dead in the spod, that shits gay as hell
by Ben2913910283 July 23, 2006
3 33
The act of being hit in the nuts.
-"Ouch, did you see that?"
-"A prime spod, he'll be swollen for sure."
by Jon E Smoko December 17, 2003
2 32