Splurch means exactly as it sounds. When a comtainer or something of the like is crushed and it oozes.
Oh, nasty! That splurched everywhere!

Ah reckon that there's astartin, to splurch.
by Hobbes October 07, 2003
Top Definition
When talking to someone a bunch of spit in the form of little droplets suddenly comes out of your mouth.
"Im so embarrassed! I was just talking to Mike and all of a sudden I totally splurched all over him!"
When a person blows a raspberry against a small child's belly or back.
The baby shrieked with laughter when her daddy splurched her belly.
by Kindra October 17, 2011
A Snapple ice tea on the top shelf; requested while pointing at the bottom shelf.
Yo, let me get that splurch.
by babyfatbitchgurl April 05, 2008
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