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When talking to someone a bunch of spit in the form of little droplets suddenly comes out of your mouth.
"Im so embarrassed! I was just talking to Mike and all of a sudden I totally splurched all over him!"
When a person blows a raspberry against a small child's belly or back.
The baby shrieked with laughter when her daddy splurched her belly.
by Kindra October 17, 2011
Splurch means exactly as it sounds. When a comtainer or something of the like is crushed and it oozes.
Oh, nasty! That splurched everywhere!

Ah reckon that there's astartin, to splurch.
by Hobbes October 07, 2003
A Snapple ice tea on the top shelf; requested while pointing at the bottom shelf.
Yo, let me get that splurch.
by babyfatbitchgurl April 05, 2008