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the act of searching for a condom after the man cums.
Hey babe, after this we have to go splunking.
by marines girl 360 March 25, 2010
A sex act involving more than two people that utilizes a sawhorse, wasabi, a flashlight, and a dremmel (high-powered drill).
Hey baby, let's get some people together to go splunking. You bring the flashlight, I'll bring the sawhorse.
by Viking Troll August 13, 2012
When 1+N people are in the piledriver position (forward or reverse) lined up in a row and the male moves between asses dropping his cock into the persons ass.
I had these bitches lined up on my bed upside down in a reverse piledriver and I went for a splunking run and left myself all over the last girls face and chest.
by #java October 04, 2006
To explore the meat cave
Hey baby, i want to go splunking in your meat cave!
by MustbeGus December 04, 2006
forcefully having anal sex with a woman who is giving birth to a child
splunking is probably the hottest thing ever
by Weedtriper June 14, 2007