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phenomenon that occurs when you fail to urinate (usually due to passing out from all the booze) after sex and before going to bed. the following morning you wake up with spare amounts of dried up jism in your piss tube. unsuspectingly, you go stand over the toilet. out come the piss and it parts like a snake's tongue, usually totally missing the bowl.
after picking up some girl from last night's bar trip, I woke up this morning with some serious split pee that went all over Lee's bathroom wall.
by joelm November 11, 2005
the separation of piss into two or more strands due to a little piece of hair or lent on the hole of your dick, which causes you to miss the toilet
Tyrone: Damn man, why is da floor wet? And why do it smell lik piss in her?

DaMarcus: Yo, man bad b, i had split pee dis mornin.
by pooma March 01, 2010
Meaning Pussy. If pee pee is the equivalent to a penis, then split pee pee is the equivalent to a vagina.
Remember to eat your split pees.
by Se7enwolf October 09, 2011

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