to partake in anal sex without lubrication. derived from the material used to install screens, which must be forced into place using a spliner.
Patrick didnt have any lube handy, so he had to spline her untill she bled.
by USF Rob February 23, 2006
Top Definition
The object which Maxis likes to reticulate.
1: "What are you reticulating, dude?"
2: "My favorite dish-- Splines!"
by Airwalker October 02, 2003
Objects that must be reticulated before any Sim game may be operated.
"Reticulating Splines" -Any Maxis Game
by Marinesownme September 03, 2006
A combination organ between the spine and the spleen. One which doesn't exist, but you should ask the stoner people how it's doing anyways.
Hey Maya, how's your spline doing? What? Not to well? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
by Stev-ky March 08, 2005
The word shouted as someone drives a bus though a house and off the cliff on the other side after asking the kids if they want to do to heaven.
SPLINE!... We’re goni’ to heaven.
by asa November 16, 2003
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